Posted on 24 October 2017

Although E.R.T.sounds like a condition for which one should seek medical help, it does not, in fact, respond to any form of medication. However, I am delighted to say that here at NIGEL MILNE we are well experienced in helping men overcome this somewhat debilitating condition!

E.R.T. or to give it its proper scientific name of Engagement Ring Terror is not selective and can affect all but the most confident of prospective fiancés. 

Cherry and I have in excess of forty years experience in guiding the nervous and inexperienced through the seemingly perilous route of The Engagement Ring Purchase. We shall take you through the whole process whilst explaining the mysteries of “The 4 Cs” (colour, cut, clarity & carat weight of diamonds) the pros and cons of the several different types of settings and of course the fascinating and meaningful characteristics of the innumerable myriad of gemstones available to you.

You may instantly alight upon one of the rings within our “VOW Collection” and not wish to consider any alternatives. Or maybe, and this is where our specialism comes to the fore, you make like the idea of us designing and making something especially for you.

It is also possible that you might feel, after all, that perhaps your proposed fiancee might prefer to be involved in the decision making process too, there again you might feel that this lacks the apparent spontaneity and impulse that captures the moment so perfectly – that of producing a ring from your pocket and anticipating the surprise, joy and excited reaction that such an action would engender. 

Should you take the latter course of action the chances are that she will genuinely love the ring for the very fact that you chose it especially for her all by yourself. Unfortunately there is also the possibility that your, by now fiancée, will have decidedly strong ideas as to what she would like as an engagement ring and the emergence of a rictus grin freezing her face as she contemplates the proffered ring will convey swiftly and in no uncertain terms that you have, how shall I put it – err, not exactly got it right!

Fear not! Once again we can come to your aid  by lending you a ring with which to propose!

No, of course we are not going to let you toddle off with a ring without paying for it! But if you are not confident in “getting it right,” by this way you will have a beautiful and superb quality ring with which to propose but without the anxiety that, if she does not appear to be consumed with unbridled rapture, you are stuck with it and that you can both bring it back to us and let us make you the ring that she has always wanted.

The purchase of the Engagement Ring can be the first major purchase of any significance someone is about to make and must therefore be a proper, memorable and romantic occasion. I fail to see the romance and significance in reviewing ring design options and selecting gemstones that you are not even allowed to see let alone handle on the Internet, pressing click – and then waiting for the postman to arrive! I think she deserves better than that, don’t you?

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