Holiday Jewellery

Posted on 24 June 2017

NO, NO, NO! – I don’t mean what sort of jewellery to wear at Christmas, for Goodness' sake!


I am talking about what to take on holiday abroad with you that will look ideal whether you are sitting by a pool, in a beachside restaurant or watching the moon carve a pellucid channel of light through the night darkened sea to the shore.

Now whilst costume jewellery, fake jewellery or acrylic jokey jewellery are fun, big flashy diamonds are a serious no-no on holiday. Who needs the worry and the attraction of the wrong sort of attention? – And whilst an elegant and subtle diamond pendant or pair of studs is cool and sexy, long diamond earrings with a bikini? Err, no, I don’t think so!

So what, I hear you ask, would I suggest? Well, for a start, what could be more ideal than one of my JOIE DE VIVRE or PRINTEMPS pendants worn together (or not) with a pair of matching or contrasting but complementary earrings?


Printemps pink tourmaline and diamond pendant by Nigel Milne



Joie de Vivre blue topaz earrings by Nigel Milne



Joie de Vivre blue topaz pendant by Nigel Milne

Not available online, please call for details  


Or perhaps some earrings, pendant and / or bracelet from our PESAVENTO range?

Pesavento Pixel bracelet



Pesavento Polvere de Sogni earrings


Pesavento Polvere di Sogni Pendant



All of these are affordable, original and sufficiently different to be eye catching and will make you feel confident without any cause to worry – as you relax in the knowledge that you might just be causing just a tiny bit of envy! Most gratifying!                                                          




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