Posted on 03 November 2023

Go directly to our Stand in Hall B

The re-branding of the traditional BADA Fair as The Open Art Fair this month was greeted with much excitement and anticipation. The enthusiasm, dedication and financial commitment given by the organisers led us all to believe that this was going to be something really special – and it certainly was! Just walking around it prior to opening day, I felt that this was strikingly different.


It was a particularly beautiful fair with a light and airy atmosphere and with all the stands looking more interesting than ever and with the treasures on display looking more attractive and decorative than ever before and, most appealingly, somehow more financially accessible. It is just heartbreakingly tragic that it was only allowed to run for two days before being forced to close due the Covid 19 pandemic.


However, the organisers had the foresight to engage the services of a camera crew to film a virtual tour of all of the stands which I am delighted to produce for you here in order for you to enjoy a mini experience of what you would have seen had the Fair been allowed to run its course.

If you would like to visit the whole Fair from the beginning, do please click on the link below.

You will notice that many Exhibitors have highlighted one or two items of particular interest from their stock - do click on the little blue rings! If anything especially catches your eye on our Stand, do please call us on 020 7491 9201.



You can visit The Virtual Open Art Fair here!

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