Posted on 07 December 2018

 The Subtle Art of Present Giving

You are convinced that you have found the ideal present and you are caught up in a vortex of emotions as you watch your beloved, bright eyed with excitement, fumble with the ribbon and paper in their impatience to get at the fruits of your generosity. Followed by the tsunami of relief as they turn to you, moist eyed with emotion, and say ‘Darling - it is perfect - I LOVE it and shall wear it forever!’



Present giving is a contradiction. Presentation is objective whilst Receiving is entirely subjective. Some people love surprises whilst others are not so sure! Some recipients are totally trusting that their beloved will make the right choice of gift, whilst others insist on being a part of the decision process – hmmm, so much for the spontaneous romantic gesture! There is also the hope that your beloved will adore your present for the very simple reason that you have taken the trouble to choose it especially by yourself – it can happen!

In order to facilitate your ease of passage through this seasonal minefield we have produced THE NIGEL MILNE JEWELLERY CATALOGUE 2018! If you know us, you will have discovered what a useful buying tool this is. It has an array of beautiful jewellery and is handy  to leave lying around for prospective recipients to circle desired items in the hope of receiving them on Christmas Day. This is an invaluable way of gleaning the required seasonal info from your beloved without asking the direct  question ‘What would you like for Christmas, Darling?’ and getting the somewhat frustrating answer  ‘Oh, I don’t really know!’, when of course they know perfectly well but are just too shy to ask!

Although it is very close to Christmas now, if you would like to receive our catalogue, do please contact us at : jewels@nigelmilne.co.uk or on 020 7491 9201  and we shall post it to you immediately. 

In order to speed up the process and to avoid the disappointment of being ‘pipped at the post’ in buying your chosen piece, please visit our website, www.nigelmilne.co.uk and make your purchase directly on-line.

If you would like to discuss one or two alternatives or you would like some help with your choice, do please telephone us on 020 7491 9201 and we can complete your purchase over the telephone. We shall then despatch your gift-wrapped purchase without delay.

We are always delighted to make recommendations, especially if we already know your intended recipient, or, indeed, based on all that you tell us about their characteristics, likes and dislikes, so we can build up a picture of the sort of things with which they have a natural affinity - and what frightens the living daylights out of them!

Cherry and I have had in excess of forty years’ experience in helping our customers choose ‘just the right present’ and I am delighted to say, with a rather impressive success rate! Let us help you with your decisions this Christmas and give you the confidence that what you choose will be met with rapturous delight.

Time is speeding by and Christmas will be upon us before we know it – so please do not delay and contact us today so that you can be sure of receiving your purchases in time!

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