Posted on 06 June 2018

This is a perfectly reasonable and often asked question and one that can be answered by just a little clarification.
A basic and easy guideline to follow is that, in reality, everyone can wear white pearls with confidence. The rosier pastelley coloured pearls compliment a fair to pale complexion, whilst those with olive skin tones suit very pale creamy or silvery pearls best.
Tahitian (or black) pearls are a law unto themselves and obey no rules whatsoever. The myriad of intrinsic hues emanating from these magical pearls encompasses black, brown, grey, pink, steel, green and blue. These gems can be loud and proud or soft and subtle – and they are fascinating to choose as they really draw colour from their wearer.  For example, a dark pearl with a strong bronzy/brown hue looks superb with auburn hair; a paler silvery/blue pearl looks fabulous on a blue-eyed blond.  Try a stunning multi coloured pearl necklace and watch the colours move to reflect whatever you are wearing!


However, it is those with very dark or black skins and complexions who create a luminosity in white pearls to the greatest effect  and uniquely, it is the only skin tone which really shows off the dark cream and golden pearls to their full advantage – and WOW! Do they look wonderful!


Now, this is all very jolly if you are buying pearls for yourself as colour perception is very subjective and allows you licence to indulge yourself in whatever you think suits you best.
On the other hand, if you are wanting to buy pearls as a special present and are not an expert in specific skin tones yourself, then the vexatious question of ‘How do I know which colour shade of pearl to buy?’ may well rear up and rattle your confidence. In this case, the best advice I can give is not to fight it and just go for the whitest, cleanest and most lustrous pearls that you can afford – and they will be appreciated hugely.
Pearls are fascinating. The fact that they are organic and are born from a living creature gives them an intrinsic light and character all of their own unlike anything else on earth.
They are also the most flattering and sensual gem that one could ever wear against ones skin. They will light up ones face and will always imbue the wearer with the greatest confidence and inner glow.

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